The Zen Story

While deep in stillness I had a vision, an enlightened moment where I saw the trademark logo for my brownies become the mission of my product.  Purity and perfection were my vision.  The Zen Brownie™ was born to honor this vision, this command to create the perfect adult brownie. We created the perfect melt in your mouth combination of cake and fudge.  We married the childlike love of chocolate with the adult sophistcated taste for liqueur.  And due to our desire to stay true to Zen and eat things wholesome we use only the purest ingredients.  Only non-GMO, all natural or organic, gluten free, egg free(in our vegan line), dairy free (in our vegan line), and preservative/artificial chemical free ingredients are used in all our brownies. 

The Bento Box Brownie™ is a thick piece of luscious vegan triple chocolate fudge brownie or triple chocolate fudge cheesecake brownie using organic cream cheese.  Both styles are available in our five organic flavors, .

Our products are the best all occasion gifts and are suited especially for business incentives and rewards! Email or call for special bulk sizes and wholesale pricing.

Enjoy Zen Brownies™-and may you enjoy a life of Zen!

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